Advantages Of Electronic Medical Record(EMR)

For Patients

  • Improved Treatment & Diagnosis
  • Fewer Errors As Compared To Paper Medical Records
  • Better And Quicker Online Health Care
  • Identify Patients Require Screenings And Preventive Care
  • Better Patient Health With Better Data Security And Privacy
  • Support In Sound Data-Based Decisions
  • Stronger And Faster Overall Treatment On Right Direction
  • Access To Records, Prescriptions And Recommendations
  • Follow-up Support For Reminders, Weblinks & Suggestions

For Clinics

  • No Need To Store, Manage Paper Records
  • Optimize Workflows, Keep Track Of Patients
  • Customize And Scalable Patient Records
  • Communication For Reminders And Alerts
  • Reduced Documentation Errors & Improved Care
  • Prevent Conflicting Treatments
  • Better Coordination Between Patient / Staff
  • Track Messages Between Staff, Hospitals, Labs
  • Interface With Doctor, Med LAB, Pharmacy & Hospital

EMR Features

Exclusive Desgin for Pakistan

Life Time Free Membership

Life Time Free EMR & Web apps

Save All Paper Based Medical Record

Smooth Integration of Old Record

Compatibilty With Existing System

Accessible From Remote Areas

High Speed Internet Access

Integration Of Healthcare Services

Not For Profit Project